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Lapeer Financial exists to provide lifetime financial guidance to conservative investors pursuing a quality return on their investments.

Our clients have earned their position in life through hard work and dedication, and appreciate the same from us. We enjoy advising like minded people, especially locally. It gives us pride to serve our community by securing our clients' financial future.

Lapeer Financial primarily focuses on retirement planning and estate planning (in conjunction with your attorney). The fundamental goal of our clients is to continue living independently and with dignity for the rest of their lives. Hence our motto “Invested in Your Retirement”.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Lapeer Financial provides local independent financial advice. Our thorough approach to creating a financial plan includes a discussion and examination of current conditions, future expectations, and individual client goals to match their financial needs.

While retirement and legacy planning are our focal point, we are happy to help our clients pursue all their financial goals.

We make a point of being knowledgeable on other types financial need our clients could encounter. This includes but isn't limited to life insurance, college planning, and long term care needs.

Lapeer Financial and McQueen Financial are the same company. As part of expansion planning McQueen Financial will operate under Lapeer Financial. The decision was made with the belief that our future company additions will operate with more independence under Lapeer Financial instead of a family named business.

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